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@SebHenbest: RT @averilpower: Have received several mails like this since the Seanad passed my motion to recognise Palestine. Pathetic.… @MLiebreich: .@ClimateSt Only so much time & political capital: either waste it posturing about targets, or do hard work integrating regulatory systems. @SebHenbest: RT @KTStopforth: #EU2030 the NER fund is back, this time as #NER400. Will sell 400m EU allowances to fund #CCS and renewable projects. http… @greenforyou: New York pursues microgrids for widespread resiliency #green @SebHenbest: RT @KTStopforth: #EU2030 target: each country should have interconnection capacity for 10% of installed capacity (w. ptl rise to 15%) http:… @SebHenbest: RT @KTStopforth: #EU2030 targets - 40% GHG reduction vs 1990. 27% generation from RE. Increase energy efficiency savings 27% vs fcast. http… @SebHenbest: RT @KTStopforth: EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework published. Full text - #EUCO @SebHenbest: RT @CHedegaardEU: Goodbye incremental steps,welcome real transformation: 40% cut in CO2 by 2030 - through DOMESTIC efforts in EU! - require… @samegui: Porque hoje é sexta-feira (fechando uma semana maravilhosa) — se sentindo muito feliz @SebHenbest: RT @rvlandberg: First green bonds sold in Australia evan as Tony Abbott dismantles carbon rules #auspol @doug_parr: Not my best friends in the world but good @Centrica_Energy are calling a spade a spade on subsidies to #coal plants @arqsteinleitao: Ideias para ter mais verde em sua vida ~ ARQUITETANDO IDEIAS @rikrdofaria: "Estar entre virgulas, pode ser aposto, mas eu aposto o oposto... que vou cativar a todos, sendo apenas um sujeito simples!" O Teatro Mágico @doug_parr: More delays for Cuadrilla in attempting to get #fracking in Lancs @GuardianSustBiz: Why my 8,000 mile walk to meet Martin Luther King was worth it: @PeruNews: "Un fraude epistolar", una tragicomedia ambientada en la Lima del siglo XX llega al teatro /lr @doug_parr: "renewables & efficiency targets near business as usual...carbon market will remain irrelevant for a decade" #EU2030 @iioannoulbs: RT @WeAreICRS: Have a look at the four trends in #corporate responsibility #reporting via @AAInsights @VivoVerde: Já pensou em tentar contrubuir para a sustentabilidade, andando pela rua... será que é #geral #OldVV @MLiebreich: .@ClimateSt How much political capital has been wasted pushing for EU energy targets instead of a single market for energy. Absurd.

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